Oak Living Room Furniture

Oak Living Room Furniture

Oak Living Room Furniture, oak and so, in general, is important in the mythologies of cultures in Europe. Oak is often associated with longevity, strength and endurance, and as the tallest tree in northern Europe, has appeared in literature, poetry and song over time.

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Oak Living Room Furniture strongly in the mythologies of many European cultures:

Baltic mythology: January is considered a sacred tree Baltic god of thunder, which is known Perkons Latvian, Lithuanian and Prussian Perkunas as Perkuns.

Celtic Mythology: According to Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Celtic mythology, the oak has the potential to be a portal between worlds, so be careful when you buy oak furniture – you never know where it might end.

Norse mythology: the oak was also the sacred tree of the Nordic god of thunder Thor, probably because, as the tallest tree in northern Europe, was struck by lightning more often than other tree species.

In classical mythology: oak was sacred to the “King of the Gods” Zeus.

The Bible: the oak appears several times in the Bible, and mostly used as a burial place of the gods of the house of Jacob, and is cited in reference to Israel as “oaks of righteousness.”

Oak days

When you buy oak furniture for your bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen, think about the rich history of wood in the mythology of many cultures of northern Europe. The symbol of oak as a powerful presence, enduring and sacred tree serves as an apt metaphor for the qualities of oak furniture made by hand, which is well known for their longevity.

As a piece of oak furniture represents a significant financial investment for many people, its intrinsic quality means you will be able to enjoy the next few years, which carries in its own mythology.


This is not only one of the strongest wood in the furniture industry today, but its nature is very attractive and robust can look good in most households. There are many different types of furniture that can be made from this wood, which includes a solid oak coffee table are a nice feature for your living room, and tables and chairs to entertain the whole family.

Oak has the characteristic of being very adaptable to the house that is, with many options to choose from and a look that improves with age, the oak is really the best option.

Photo Gallery of Oak Living Room Furniture

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