Living room coffee tables

Living room coffee tables
Living room coffee tables

Welcome to our living room coffee tables shop website. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of living room coffee tables in the colors, sizes & designs you need to make the perfect choice for your in-house style. With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, you will find your ‘dream coffee table’ which will enrich your life by combining great design & easiness  in your own home. And no worry about expensive prices, there is a coffee table for every budget, starting at under 50 dollar.

Picking the perfect coffee table for your living room is essential to fulfill all your wishes. Not only color, size, style and design are very  important, but as well durability, comfort & functionality (quality) will increase the lifetime of your coffee table so it can be used for years and years to come. Here below you’ll find a list of the most popular types of living room coffee tables and there features.

Living room coffee tables1
Living room coffee tables1

Round coffee tables

One of the finest style used by a lot of designers is the round coffee table. This shape is very popular to give an extra art-deco to your home decoration. Round coffee tables come in various styles, colors and sizes which makes it possible to find even for the most ‘picky’ person a unique round coffee table perfectly tailored for her or his taste.

Lift top coffee tables

This is the most functional coffee table of all! Not only they provide extra storage room in the table itself (by lifting off the top), the top also can be set at a higher level so you can actually work or play board games on the lift top coffee table. This is why in many cases the lift top coffee table is the heart & center in many family homes where a lot of socializing takes place in the form of playing board games with the whole family.

Black glass coffee table

If you really are looking for a special designed elegant & sophisticated living room coffee table, then you should for sure check out  black glass coffee tables. Although glass coffee tables are more fragile then other types of coffee tables -if you have little kids you might think twice about getting a black glass coffee table although you could look into wooden framed black glass coffee tables instead of metal-. Black glass coffee tables really gives an extra dimension in your home decoration, because black glass fits in almost anywhere and is very attractive for the eye and on top of it, it is very easy to clean. One last tip:  a black glass coffee table fits best in a trendy home.

Antiquecoffee tables

Not everyone likes  modern style coffee tables. For who loves the classic style, antiquecoffee tables will give a chic look and feel in your home. There are two types of antique coffee tables; the ones that are truly from the ‘old age’ dating from a few hundred years back till early 1900. These are the more expensive ones and you should use an expert to be sure about the price you are about to pay (or know yourself a lot about antiques). The other types are created nowadays with an old style antique look and are very affordable for anyone with a low budget and a love for old antiques.

Cheap coffee tables

You don’t need to pay a lot of money nowadays to buy a trendy coffee table for your living room. At many price grabbing online shopping sites you can find  great deals for just over 100 dollar and at some places you even pay less then 50 dollar.