Interior Design Living Room Elegant For Pleasure Seeker

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Home sweet home-this is a magnificent expression for me. It is stated that a house should be as comfortable as ours. This represents that our home is what we are. Regarding to this idea, I personally like an elegant touch. In fact, I decorate my house using some ornaments, detail, and household furnishings on that theme. However, there are some difficulties to apply it in some areas especially interior design living room elegant.

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I have already tried some ideas such as replacing the layout with the classical matters. I believe that interior design of classical living room also has its will. In the contrary, it is totally different. This contradiction happens because my minimalist house cannot be combined with the classical ideas. This can be seen from my house appearances which deal with how to make a narrow space is useful. Yet, the classics always require a large space. To measure this, I create my own interior design living room elegant using technical color.

Playing with color

This is going to be worst if I am taking for guaranteed bright colors as a background of the wall. The cohesion between the stuffs and the wall are a nightmare for my eyes. Having those experiences, I have finally found that the furniture and colors are the truth combination to manage interior design living room elegant. Starting from the furniture, I take interior of contemporary design for elegant living room. My living room is only 5 m x 7 m. Consequently, it is sufficient for one grey sofa only which can be fulfilled by four adults. This is accompanied with a table for putting some things.

I locate the sofa until the back is against the wall. For the big one, it is pointed to television. In this case, the table is short and it is portable with four wheels. I can put it in the corner if I need a wider space by laying my Turkish carpet. Although there is an inconsistency of layout, this still looks very elegant. Since interior design living room elegant is using the match color and the furniture.

The paintings

Another thing is relating to the painting interior, living room, with elegant sense. I locate them is several places. For interior design living room elegant represented by the big painting, it is 100 cm x 120 cm above sofa. The picture is picturing the Indiana lady. She is sitting on the rock and she is looking at the mountain of rock. For the angle is taken from the left which is showing heft left face with long hair is blown by the wind.

The painting is dominated by a bright brown color which represents a wonderful portray of a nature. In fact, this painting is empowering my house to build interior design living room elegant. Meanwhile, two paintings are on the same sizes which are 50 cm x 70 cm. They are describing the horses which are running in the beach with a wave is trying to catch each other.

Photo Gallery of Interior Design Living Room Elegant For Pleasure Seeker

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