Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space

small kitchen design ideas 2
small kitchen design ideas 2

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms at home. So, a house should have at least one kitchen. Kitchen needs enough space for cooking even if it is possible you can also consider for dining. However, it may be a little problem if there is no enough space for kitchen. Actually, if you plan it properly, you can design a small kitchen well. There are manysmall kitchen design ideas that you can try. If you need inspirations, you can consider the following ideas below.

Wall Storage Small Kitchen

small kitchen design ideas 3
small kitchen design ideas 3

If you want to make a small kitchen, you cannot spend the space for storage. You cannot apply too big cabinets because it can make the space feel more crowded. Even more, if it is possible, you do no need to apply cabinet for the kitchen storage. It will be one of the best narrow kitchen design ideas to apply wall storage. In this design idea, you need some nails to hang the kitchen tools such as pans, woks, etc. You can also apply wall kitchen racks. It belongs to one of the most recommended small kitchen design ideas.

White Small Kitchen

If your kitchen is small, you cannot paint the wall with dark color. Everything should be bright. It becomes one of the small kitchen decoration ideas recommended to apply. For example, you can start with white wall. Besides that, the furniture will also be better with white or other bright colors. White is a perfect choice of color for you who have a small kitchen because this color can create the larger impression. Anyway, it can be considered as one of the most common small kitchen design ideas.

Multitasking Small Kitchen

If you do not have big space for kitchen, you do not need space to make your home kitchen. You can make your kitchen in the dining room. Considering the efficiency, it becomes one of the best small kitchen design ideas. It does not take much space. You just need small space for a stove and other kitchen tools needed. It is also good because you do not need to move when preparing or cooking from the kitchen to the dining room for serving the foods. That is why it belongs to advised design ideas for small kitchen.

Outdoor Small Kitchen

Sometimes, your home interior is not big enough but you have enough space at your backyard. So, you can consider making an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchen can also be considered as one of the most interesting small kitchen design ideas because you will feel much more excited in cooking. You do not need much space for it. You just need to make a top to protect it from the rain and the sun. So, are you interested in it?

Those are some small kitchen design ideasrecommended for you to apply. You can plan it properly and choose which idea that you love. So, if you are interested, you can apply one of the ideas above. Hopefully this will inspire you to make a small kitchen for small space.