Modern Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Designs 7

Kitchen backsplashes were once applied only to serve the purpose of protection of the wall opposite to a sink or a counter top behind the stove by keeping away the dirt, oil, smoke, food stains and moisture off the wall. But today, it is easy to keep the wall behind the stove clean because of a lot of good cleaning materials invented over the time. Now, it is just as easy to clean a bare wall as a wall with tiles. So, the main purpose of backsplashes some years back has now become outmoded. Now-a-days, kitchen backsplashes serve as an interior design factor used to provide good visuals to the boring kitchen design.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Designs 2

Backsplashes are more often used now as a decorative element to enhance the beauty of the kitchen and add a sense of continuation in the design of the kitchen with the rest of the house. There is no end to the ways a lot of tiles or other material of varied size, design, color, cuts and visual effects can be used. The common materials used commonly these days for creating backsplashes are stone, tiles and metals. Modern kitchen backsplash designs are created by keeping both these purposes of backsplashes in mind: protection of the wall as well as visual beauty.

Extent: Backsplashes come in a variety of different sizes. Most often, they comprise the entire length of the wall behind the stove while some backsplashes can also be stretched to comprise the space behind the sink. Vertically, they are mostly placed only till halfway up the wall or can also comprise the entire portion of the wall. There is no hard and fast rule about the area covered with tiles making the backsplash. As long a s you find it beautiful, it will serve the purpose. The size and positioning of the cabinets, the budget and the choices of the homemaker can also be the factors that decide the size of the backsplash.

Appearance: Backsplashes can be made from an abundant variety of materials and in a limitless number of designs. You would find some backsplashes made from the same tile that has been used for the counter top of the kitchen, stretched along the entire wall with a single cut tile. This shows the limited imagination of both the designer and the home owner who approved of it. A simple mosaic art created by some colorful pieces of marble in contrasting and bright colors could easily add a visual feast to the kitchen. Mosaic arts for backsplashes can also be easily made out of metals, glass, porcelain, stone and other material. Creating murals by combining painted tiles is also a very common design that fits the space properly and looks very pretty.

Cost: The prices of materials used for the backsplash and the preciseness of the design are the factors that decide the entire cost of the backsplash. A mosaic design would take more time to design and install and so, it would cost you more than a plain single cut marble just installed along the length of the wall. The type of material used also decides the cost, like a kitchen backsplash marble cost would be less than that of a kitchen backsplash metallic tiles’ cost and this would make the difference in the overall cost put-in.

The visuals lend by backsplashes can add an element of drama to the entire kitchen. When applied intelligently, they may make the kitchen appear a bit bigger when the space is not much or may give the kitchen a restrained look if the area is too large. The way the material and the colors are combined help manage the visuals of the kitchen. Also, the design created in backsplashes can match the combinations used on some other wall in the house, thus, providing a sense of continuity in the design. But whatever you choose as a material and whatever design you choose to apply, keep in mind that the main purpose of the backsplash is to make the wall behind the stove clean and so, a material that is easy to clean and maintain should be your first choice.

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