Transforming Home Office Design Layout to Be Our World

home office design layout 6

Hurry sickness-this is a sickness that people always got a rush time to work. They do not have time to help their children for school and serving the breakfast. Sometimes, they have to drink coffee and eat during walking to the office. However, nowadays, with the progressive of the technology, it helps us to work in everywhere. Since the internet service is easy to connect with our gadget, working at home is surely possible. In fact, we need an atmosphere to transform it to be home office design layout.

home office design layout 6

Transformation design

Transforming the design of home office design layout, this deals with the personality. The main point is that we want to make ourselves is comfort with the circumstance. Sometimes, we think that the office is a prison because our inspiration is blocked. This happens because there are the borders and we only sit in small squares accompanied by computer and papers. This is a major deal since we try to avoid that home office of awkward design layout.

Even though we work for such big modern company, we still can use a classic design. Some design that may interest us might be a bohemian design. Home office design layout using this design is dealing with the color and furniture. It is sufficient if we have a room with space width is 7 m x 10 m. To maximize the narrow space for designing layout of home office, we have to consider the location of the main table.

This should be in the back of the middle. Afterward, home office design layout will be influenced by a symmetry design for both left and right. For the right, it is a bookshelf for several documents that we have to finish. The reason that it is on the right because most of use is not left-handed and the frequent to take the documents will be often. In the contrary, the left is a bookshelf that consists of several documents that we have done.

The air circulation and the light

Moving to home office design layout on the left front chair, there will be a chair (s) for guest. We may discuss with them with no people will disturb. Even though we take a bohemian which is mostly dominated by dark color, it does not mean that we have to ignore the light and air circulation. Both of them will help us to recharge our energy. Additionally, at night, the design layout of bohemian home office will recommend a huge exposure of the lights.

To measure problem on home office design layout, we have to locate lights in exact place such as in the middle and the corner. To reduce the exposure, an arm light is put on the up corner pointing to our table. Higher ceiling is better. This will influence our phycology to reduce the stress. This seems like there is a space to breathe and we can lead the air flows to our brain. This has an impact that we can assess the job information clearly.

Photo Gallery of Transforming Home Office Design Layout to Be Our World

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