Ideas for Narrow Lot House Plans

home plans for narrow lot


home plans for narrow lot

Most of nowadays house has narrow lot and many of them searching for narrow lot house plans to build their houses on such a narrow lot. It would seem like the narrower the lot the more uncomfortable the house is. Well, that saying is not necessarily true. You can build a nice house in such a narrow lot using house plan narrow lot. The plan’s purpose is to provide a comfortable home for people who have to build theirs on such a narrow lot. There are ways to build a house on a narrow lot depending on the plans and the circumstances.

Variety of narrow lot house plans


There are many varieties of houses if you want to build in such a narrow space. The most challenging house to build is a narrow lot house plan with rear garage. For a rear garage, you need to provide space for the vehicle’s entrance way and the garage itself while there is hardly any space for such addition. The easiest way but less often condition is to having an area that has two entrances because the lot was placed between two roads. Then, the rear garage won’t be a problem for such thanks to small house plan for narrow lots.

There is a home plans for narrow lot that utilize its narrowness to develop tower like house. This tower like house imitates the castle tower with 15 to 20 meters high. It is built in cinder blocks and bricks that the lowest floor is the widest area and it became narrower and narrower on the top. The owner said that the first floor is for the guest room, dining room, bath room and kitchen. The second floor is the room for parents, the third and fourth room will be the children’s. With a simple elevator system, this house became more unique than the others. This shows us about how vary narrow lot home plans can be.

Photo Gallery of Ideas for Narrow Lot House Plans

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