Designing Floor Plans for Home

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Floor plans for home is the first thing you should do if you are about to make a plan or your house that you’re about to build. Building this kind of floor plan is not an easy job to do because you have to adjust your plan’s scale with the real land scale that your house will be built on. The easiest floor plan that you could possibly do is a floor plan for small home. Small home only need a little land to built on, so the plan for the floor should be easy to adjust to the real scale.

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Various floor plans for home

There are some variations of house floor plan. The first floor plan is a floor plan for ranch home. Ranch home usually features a combined living and dining area and a separate kitchen, with a hallway leading to the bedrooms on the other side of the home. Ranch designs may be rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped in plan. The second floor plan is open floor plan for homes. This open floor plan features combined living room, dining room and kitchen to emphasize togetherness in the house which is usually used by houses on suburban area that has wide lots so it’s ideal to have this kind of floor plan.

The third is floor plans for modular homes. This floor plan features a flexible big single room on the middle that could be arrange at will for living room and dining room while the kitchen’s position is fixed on the back side. Because this house is easy to renovate, the floor plan should be easy to change. A modular house has manufactured materials that easy to arrange. If you need a bigger space, you could just expand by adding more components and automatically your floor plan will also changes. That’s why this floor plan for home is very flexible.

Photo Gallery of Designing Floor Plans for Home

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