Small Bedroom Interior Design with the Tricks to Expand the Room Visually

small bedroom interior design 2
small bedroom interior design 2

Sometimes, designing small bedroom can feel rather challenging compared to designing spacious bedroom. It is not always easy to make airy feeling and atmosphere inside the already-narrow room. If you are confused as to what design you can take inspiration from, we have two samples ofsmall bedroom interior design for you to consider here. Each has its own interesting trick to expand the room space visually. So, let’s see those designs here.

Black-White Bedroom with 3D Road Wallpaper

small bedroom interior design 3
small bedroom interior design 3

The first small bedroom interior design here is actually simple in its design to realize. You need to have a room with window in one wall. Have the walls and ceiling painted in white. You can choose light wood laminate for the floor. Consider of putting 3D road wallpaper in white and black colors on one side of wall beside the wall with window. This small room interior design will need you to do this.

Then, put white metal desk and black rolling chair facing the window. Install white shelving on the corner of wall beside the desk to act as a bookcase. Put metal bed with black blanket and white pillows across the desk. Even this small bedroom interior designwill basically be done with this. Now, after you are done realizing it, look at the room by facing the wallpaper earlier. It will do the trick to make you see the room having expanded space.

Green-Brownish Gray Bedroom with Wall Mirrors

The second small bedroom interior design this time is also as simple as the first one to realize. You can start by preparing white layout in the room. On the wall where the bed will lie against later, you need to install ceiling-to-floor tall mirror on each corner. Leave the middle be to hang four framed paintings. This interior design of small room also needs you to put brownish gray curtain for window.

Then, simply put bed and mattress of the same color to lie against the wall, below the framed paintings earlier. We suggest you to use green and brown bedding for the bed. After that, put black nightstand on each side of the bed with brownish gray night lamp on top. This will end this small bedroom interior design. Now, if you face the bed direction from the front, you can see the mirrors making another dimension that expands the space.

In Conclusion

After looking at those designs of small room interior, you can be sure to visually trick the space of your room, while still maintaining proper design idea of the room. Indeed, small bedroom interior design can really be unique and interesting, even when it is actually simple. With the use of 3D wallpaper and mirrors, you can deceive the eyes to visually see that the room has more space than it actually is. The expanded space might not be real, but it does give the roomy feel and sight to see.