Bedroom Set with Queen-Sized Bed under $1,000 for Worthy Purchase

bedroom set 2
bedroom set 2

Depending on the need and space of the room, you can choose what size of bed for your bedroom. However, it is more convenient to buy it along with the others in a bedroom set. It has matching design and color already after all. So, what set are you looking for? If it is a set with queen-sized bed, we have two kinds for you to take into account. Of course, they are the ones worth to purchase. So, let’s see what they could be and what they can offer here.

Dalton 8-Piece Full Bedroom Set

bedroom set 4
bedroom set 4

The first bedroom set here comes in 8 pieces. Mainly, the set consists of bed, dresser, mirror, chest, and nightstand. However, the bed itself consists of headboard, footboard, and 2 wood rails too. So, that makes 8 pieces in one set of bedroom here. Appearing with the color choices of espresso and white, this set is designed to have high end style on. It would fit in perfectly in transitional bedroom.

Well, of course, appearing in rich espresso or white is not the only feature it can offer. This bedroom set also offers you top quality design that will compliment your bedroom design more. What’s more? You do get spacious storage for there are drawers in the dresser, chest, and nightstand here. You will never run out of space to store your clothes, books, and many things in. All of this can be bought with the price under $1,000. It has nice offer, indeed.

Dimora 8-Piece Queen Bedroom Set

The second bedroom set here is rather similar with the first set above. Coming with the similar kinds of piece, this queen bedroom set is sure to complement the need of furniture in your bedroom. There are dresser, mirror, chest, bed, and nightstand in the set. Just like the pieces in the first set, these pieces are all high end in their style. Of course, they are all stylish ones for modern bedroom.

What makes this bedroom set different from the first is because you get platform bed here. It is low bed type, so other pieces are basically wide and low in its design, instead of being tall. Also, you get upholstered headboard from the bed. It makes it all the more comfortable to lie your back against it. Priced under $1,000 too, this set can be good choice for medium-sized room. Its minimalist attribute makes it perfect to give space to the room that is not too spacious.


Every bedroom set sure has different things to offer despite them being similar to the others. Dalton bedroom set and Dimora bedroom set above has proven it clearly. While the first has its bed coming with rails on the headboard and footboard, the second comes as platform with upholstered headboard. The first is a bit taller in dimensions than the second set for bedroom. Even so, both offer the high end quality of design and style to decorate your room.