Bedroom Set Minimalist: Gather the Best Pieces on Your Own

bedroom set minimalis

Talking about bedroom set, everyone knows it is more convenient to buy bedroom furniture as a set. With one purchase, you can get more than one kind of furniture besides the bed itself. Other pieces would usually include nightstand, night lamp, dressing table, dressing mirror, drawers, etc. However, it is not impossible to gather all those pieces by yourself to get the set of your own thoughts. How about deciding on bedroom set minimalist then? Here are the pieces you can consider to choose.

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Piece #1 Minimalist Bed Frame

Since bed usually acts as the focal point of bedroom, you can start to think about bedroom set minimalist right from the frame of the bed itself. For that, we suggest you to choose either platform or metal bed frames. As part of minimalist bedroom set, these bed frames don’t occupy the space in the room that much. It is because the platform is low to the floor and metal gives some space below.

Piece #2 Minimalist Nightstand

Even in bedroom set minimalist, you should not exclude the need of nightstand. Even when you choose platform bed, you don’t need to choose heavy, boxy nightstand. Just go with basic nightstand that gives enough space to place night lamp, alarm, phone, or some books. You can choose one with the same color to make it match the bed you have chosen earlier on your own.

Piece #3 Minimalist Night Lamp

After the nightstand, we bet that you would need the existence of night lamp. As part of bedroom minimalist set, you can always go with modern minimalist lamp to make statement on top of the nightstand. If you want to make this piece of bedroom set minimalist as the focal point when the night comes, this design is the best to choose for that. You can make the room look nicer with this.

Piece #4 Minimalist Decorations

We are designing bedroom here. It would be too desolate to let the room without any décor at all. Even when the room is small, it won’t hurt to add one or two minimalist decors as part of your bedroom set minimalist. You can go with 3-panel wall art to hang on the wall above the bed. It will give nice statement too. If not, you can choose to put decorative bonsai trees on top of something.

Piece #5 Minimalist Dressers

For minimalist set of bedroom, there is no need to place wardrobe if you can choose dressers or chests instead. Why, of course, it is because they are more suitable for small room. Dresser can be wide 6-drawer, tall 4-to-6 drawer, and even small 3-drawer. If you still have some space in the room, you can go with the wide one as part of your bedroom set minimalist. It should have been able to maximize the space a bit. If it makes the room feel cramped, you can go with the tall or small ones.

Photo Gallery of Bedroom Set Minimalist: Gather the Best Pieces on Your Own

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