Modern wall sconces for bathrooms

Modern wall sconces for bathrooms 8

Wall scones are actually a kind of wall fixture which helps to hold the light for an indirect lighting reflection. The concept for the wall lighting scones was very old. At a very early period of times, in the palaces or the castle, they used to made fixtures to hold the candles or the torches. Generally wall sconce usually used for low lights. As the times goes on the sconces are available in the market in different styles and designs.  As sconce provides a kind of background light, that is why sconces are basically used in the areas where it doesn’t require much light. In order to diffuse the reflection of the light, there are certain materials like mica, fabric shade glass. If you are really in searching of something which can give a stunning effect to your home, then wall sconces will be the perfect solution for you. Proper indoor lighting designs can create the proper ambiance of the home and creates a tranquil environment which can increase the curb appeal of your home.

Modern wall sconces for bathrooms 5

You might be thinking that where you can place wall scones? You can use sconces at the bedroom, over the head boards, sideways of the staircase, just above the fireplace, bathroom, if you have an armchair at your living area just the side of it you can easily install one wall scones. Designers usually use wall scones for complementing purpose then for that reason scones usually advised to install in pairs. This article is all about the modern designs on wall scones, and the use of the sconce in the bathroom area, to make your bathroom more attractive and exquisite.

Let’s see some of the designs regarding wall sconce

Crystal Scones:

Crystal scone can definitely increase the worth of your choice both in price and quality. Crystal scones can be the best for bathroom as it will add a sparkle effect in the bathroom.  Try to place above the water basin. Triplet pair will be the best option if you install it in the bathroom. Retro style sconces: These types of sconces are also known as the artistic type of scones. The designs are actually evolved from the mid of the 18th century. The main feature of these sconces are that they shaped in geometric pattern and having a streamlined body which can definitely add an elegant look. So, if you install retro scones they can add a traditional look and also throw a Hollywood froth to your guests.

Rustic Sconces:  Rustic sconces actually give a tradition look. The iron is being used as the material for the sconces. Iron sconces have been the all-time favorite and you will get innumerable variety. The fixtures are made from the hand-made-wrought iron. The designs that you will come across are, faces of the horses, tribal sticks, bears, and most commonly deer.

Transitional sconces:  From the name itself you can understand that these type sconces are basically the blending of the traditional and the contemporary. They are very much fashionable in their look. They can add refreshing feelings in your bathroom. You can use this design just above the doorway of the bathroom for an elegant look.

Craftsman sconces: These sconces are the combination of both art and craftsmanship. They are made up of natural material. To add a luxurious look for your bathroom you can install these sconces. They are in shape of straight line sometimes with little curves. They have heavily designed and ornamented, and the designs are basically from the Victorian period. These types of sconces will be a bit expensive.

Contemporary scones: Contemporary designs or the modern type of sconces are usually on high demand. They have a very minimum decoration. Glass fabrics and colors are used for designs on it. Metals and the glass are the primary material for the scones. They have a simple and straight line shaped designs. You can also use this design for a simple and aristocratic look.

Photo Gallery of Modern wall sconces for bathrooms

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