Bathroom Glass Designs

Bathroom Glass Designs ideas2

While the concept of glass has its start in ancient history, trying to make something new out of it is a rough and tedious business. There are only so many ways you can change glass around to make it a new and exciting aspect in home décor. While creating safe, strong glass is handled mainly in the production phase, bringing it into your home and making it useful and unique is a whole other aspect. Decorating with glass is even harder, and you may find that the bathroom is the only real place you can add it to create the illusion of a much larger room than the space you actually have, unless you put it on the ceiling over your bed.

Bathroom Glass Designs ideas

Bathroom Glass Designs

One of the best ideas for designing with glass in your bathroom is the combination bedroom and bath aspect. This aspect takes the two rooms and combines them into one large room that is separated with a matte finished glass barrier, or wall, and gives the feel of extended space where that space might be too small to begin with. Creating a wall out of glass may not seem like something people are likely to do. After all, you can see right through it, but if you go with the variable transparency glass you can solve two problems with one solution. First, you get a decent wall that will not break and, the second is the fact that when the lights are on, it becomes transparent and becomes matte when the lights go down.

If you really want a wow factor, try getting your hands on flooring glass. You can do your entire floor in the bathroom with this high strength, non-slip glass tile and really show off your eclectic side to the world, or those you let see into your bathroom, anyway. The best thing about flooring glass is you have two main options to choose from, either highlighted or non-highlighted. The highlighted glass tiles have an illumination element built inside them that offers a slight glow when your lights are turned off, taking the need for a nightlight out of the equation. They also come in different colors so you can match your bathroom décor with your lighted glass floor tiles.

Stained glass is a wonderful way to add a bit of excitement to your bathroom. You can put it in your window, if you have one, or just add it to a separating wall to catch the light coming in from the next room. Either way, having stained glass in your bathroom will give you an exciting visual aspect to your bathroom décor.


Whatever way you decide to go with your bathroom glass decorations, you are sure to find something that is unique and interesting to you, and creates the image of the perfect bathroom, the one that you have always dreamed of. It won’t take you very long to see that adding glass to your bathroom is exactly what you need to make that room your own.

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